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Houston SkylineAt Donna J. Detamore, P.C., Donna Detamore and her staff work hard at all times to prove that mutual trust and confidence between her clients and the Firm are well-earned and well-received.

In these tough times in family matters, experience and knowledge are critical and ethical standards count. Donna Detamore is rated "BV" (very high legal ability and very high ethical standards as established by confidential opinions from members of the Bar) by the U.S. lawyer directory, Martindale-Hubbell.


Divorce Litigation

Donna Detamore has been in practice for over 25 years and has been Board Certified in Family law for 20 years (which is the earliest an attorney can become board certified as a specialist). Ms. Detamore has represented over 1,200 parties in divorce related litigation, temporary hearings and trials on the merits, including trials to juries.

Custody Litigation

Custody Litigation involves a range of disputed litigation and descriptions. The parties may be titled Joint Managing Conservators while having very complicated periods of access or even disputes over the amount of access. These disputes may also involve other rights such as which parent will make the ultimate decisions on education or if the children will reside within Harris or surrounding counties.

Donna with a ChildChild Support

Arriving at the amount that will be assessed as the initial child support, or a modification of child support depends on a variety of factors. Ms. Detamore has had 25 years of experience in family law cases including child support enforcement, paternity, and divorce as an attorney.Ms. Detamore has also had experience as a Special Master or temporary Associate Judge on related matters and brings that additional experience to the conference room and court room.


The needs of the children and the parents change as time and events change. Often, there is a need to change orders by agreement or on a contested basis. Such modifications that may become necessary are custody, visitation, child support or clarification of a former Order.

Donna DetamorePaternity

Ms. Detamore has represented parties to suits to establish the parentage of a child and additional matters related to such suits, including defense of questionable suits. DNA testing is a common and painless method of quickly establishing the identity of a named biological father. With an estimated one third of children being born to single mothers in the United States, it is increasingly important to the child and both parents that there be a fast, accurate answer.


Donna Detamore represents her client in mediation, but once representing the interest of a client, she cannot then act as their mediator. Ms. Detamore has been a Mediator for over 12 years. She has also written, lectured and instructed at advanced mediation work shops in Family Law on several occasions. She has assisted in several programs as a volunteer and was instrumental in the initial stages of training original programs for some of the County and pro-bono mediation programs.


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